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More than a half million Americans gave their life during World War I and World War II. They died fighting to protect freedom and democracy around the world. Hear family members remember those they lost, who are buried overseas in North Africa American Cemetery.
On May 8, 1945 World War II ended in Europe. This piece was produced by the United News Company in 1945. Courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration
Seen in the visitor center at Sicily-Rome American Cemetery, this film tells the story of those Americans who fought in the Italian campaign and gave their lives in the fight for freedom. This visitor center opened in May 2014 and is free and open to the public.
ABMC Secretary Max Cleland remembers the sacrifice of our fallen this Memorial Day weekend.


Follow the path of Allied forces from the first crossings into mainland Italy through the eve of subsequent amphibious landings at Anzio and Nettuno.
Allied forces fought fierce battles up the boot of Italy during World War II. By the fall of 1944, after more than a year of arduous campaigning, Rome and most of Italy had been liberated.
This free, digital tool allows users to follow the path of Allied forces in Sicily from the landings on July 10, 1943 through mid-August.
The Allied Strategic Bombing Campaign of World War II aimed to destroy infrastructure and civilian moral. Follow the actions of the Allied Air War from the beginning as they ramped up their air capability all the way to the end of the war in Europe.


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