Memorial Day 2014 at Brookwood American Cemetery

See how the fallen were honored at Brookwood American Cemetery for Memorial Day. Video courtesy of the 501st Combat Support Wing.

Video Transcript: 

NARRATOR: Servicemembers celebrated Memorial Day together by honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice during World War I. US Air Force Brigadier General Christopher Bence spoke about the sacrifice made by American and British Servicemembers both past and present.

GENERAL BENCE: This year marks 100 years since the start of World War I, the war that was meant to end all wars. No one knew how the course of events would evolve. The struggle, the loss of life, families forever changed. History records how the bravery of our two countries was forever united in that common struggle.

NARRATOR: General Bence shared stories about the 468 buried and the 563 missing honored at Brookwood American Military Cemetery.

GENERAL BENCE: Also among us today are 41 members of the unknown soldiers. They answered the call. They paid the ultimate sacrifice. These soldiers are known only to God.

NARRATOR: A sacrifice that is never forgotten. Air Force Sergeant Joseph Vigil, Brookwood, Surrey, United Kingdom.