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The doughboys of World War I readily wore the American uniform, prepared to fight for the freedom of people they had never met. These doughboys came from big cities and farms. They left behind wives and children. They worked at sawmills, law practices and factories. They came from different backgrounds, but they all fought under the same flag. Never Forgotten follows the story of Sergeant Paul Maynard, a doughboy from Connecticut. Among the first to volunteer for the Army, Paul survived some of the most brutal fighting American forces endured, including the Battle of Belleau Wood, the Saint-Mihiel Campaign, and the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

Nearly 100 years have passed since American forces helped turn the tide of World War I on the bloodied grounds of France. The heroic sacrifices made during this epic struggle are destined to drift from memory, unless Americans today continue to tell the stories of these doughboys. In Never Forgotten, Paul’s grandniece, Lisa Ann Maynard, and World War I expert, Dave Bedford, tell Paul’s story in an effort to ensure that his legacy, and the legacies of all Americans who fought during the Great War, are never forgotten.