East Coast and West Coast Memorials

Memorials overlooking the water in both New York City and San Francisco honor World War II service members who lost their lives at sea.

The East Coast Memorial in New York City’s Battery Park, on the southern tip of Manhattan, lists the names of 4,611 service members who died during the war in the Atlantic Ocean. About 3,000 miles away, the West Coast Memorial honors all the service members who died in American coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean during World War II.

Video Transcript: 

The World War II East Coast Memorial stands at the southern tip of Manhattan, in New York City's vibrant Battery Park.
An 18-foot high bronze eagle stands guard.
Eight gray granite pylons bear the names of over 4,600 U.S. servicemen and women who were lost in the western waters of the Atlantic during World War II.
Many died in the epic Battle of the Atlantic – the gigantic struggle between the Allies and the Germans to control that ocean.
Over 2,500 miles away, the World War II West Coast Memorial stands on high ground in the Presidio of San Francisco, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean.
The center of the Memorial is a sweeping gray granite wall.
On the wall are the names of the over 400 American servicemen and women – missing in action or lost at sea in the American coastal waters off the Pacific during World War II.
Beside it, a statue represents Liberty.
Both the East Coast and West Coast Memorials look out over the edge of vast oceans – where so many Americans gave their last full measure of devotion to the nation.